NY Onsites isn’t your run of the mill one-man shop; we have multiple collectors spread out across over 200 miles of coverage area that available to respond 24 hrs a day.

24/7 Operator:

When you enter into an agreement with NY ONSITES you will have access to our 24/7 operator who will be able to dispatch a collector to your location.

NY Onsites can scale any collection to fit the needs of the client. 1 Donor or 500 donors, NY Onsites is known for working with clients to accomplish the goal of workplace safety and DOT compliance.

White Glove service: NY Onsites has a great reputation for completing drug tests on the most high profile clients in a discreet and professional manner.

Integrity: The Staff at NY Onsites believes in completing all test using the DOT standard in addition to using best practices  learned through experience and trusted industry professionals to protect the employer as well as the donor during all testing scenarios to get a clean and honest result.

Advantage of onsite drug screening:

Employers find that having drug screening performed on site decreases down time allowing critical staff to complete their test and get back to work saving the company money in salaries and productivity loss.